Ureshino Onsen is an onsen with a long history. The origin of its name is unique. 


In the past, the Empress Jingu stopped by this place, returning from battle and finding the hot spring in the midstream of the river. The hot water healed the injuries of a wounded soldier which made them happy and say, "Ana, ureshii no" (ureshii meaning "happy" in Japanese) so the place has been named after that incident since then. This is an onsen town where one can feel the history and flourishing hospitality of the long-ago lodging towns along the Nagasaki Kaido (old road used by daimyos and traders).


The hot water is known as the hot water of beautiful skin. Their hot spring boiled tofu is also famous.  


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Saga Prefecture Ureshino City Ureshino-cho O-aza Shimono Kinoe 716 − 1


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