Unzen is a known international tourist spot from early on, even in Europe. The first national park in Japan was designated in Unzen in 1934. The abundant and colorful nature of Unzen continue to charm people into visiting no matter the season. The view from Nitatouge leading to Mount No-dake from Mount Myoken in particular is a masterpiece. The splendor of the mountains can be season in each of the four seasons: azalea in spring, greenery in summer, red leaves in autumn and silver frost in winter. The Unzen hot spring village is located at the splendid heart of a mountain, where old baths, new baths, luxury hotels at the 3 zones of a "small hell" and open bathhouses are available, welcoming the hot spring-feel in a heartfelt manner.


For more details about Unzen hot springs, visit this page.


[Photo courtesy of "Nagasaki Tabi Net," the Nagasaki tourism portal]

Unzen, Obama-cho, Unzen, Nagasaki


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