Aso is known for hot springs , which boasts a high-quality and abundant hot water . There are around 30 hotels and ryokan are concentrated in line, Aso is a typical spa town of Zuiichi is hot spring Uchimaki. It is famous as a spa destination that great writer who stayed. This transparent and clean hot water from the onsen is also drinkable. Many travelers set a base in Aso and enjoy visiting attractions.  There is a popular among onsen is called " Machiyu”. It has been loved as oasis of local people and there are 7 hotels lined up as “Machiyu ”.

From Kumamoto Prefecture Tourism Division, Travel Journey of Nagomi
Address:Aso Chinomaki

Inquiry:Aso Onsen Toruism Association Tel:0967-32-1960  

Chinomaki Onsen Official Website

Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso City, Chinomaki, Chinomaki Onsen


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