Tenmonkan is known as popular spot as downtown as Southern part of Kyushu. There are local Japanese restaurants, souvenir shops and others various shops can be found in the arcade.

The name of the biggest down street TenmonKandori was originated from Shimazu Shigehide who built Meijikan (known as Tenmonkan) for astronomical observation and making calendar. This calendar is called Satuma Calendar in order to achieve higher agricultural products at the right harvest period.

JR Kagoshima Central Station (Tram for Kagoshima Ekimae direction)
6 minutes
Tram :Tenmonkan
Libreng Buwis: 
No Tax Free
Wifi Free: 
Free Wifi
Free Wifi
Impormasyon paradahan (presensya at bayad): 

Non-free Parkinglot is available near Tenmonkan

Kagoshima Kagoshima city, Higashisengokucho


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