A Noh play stage set inside the shrine grounds
  • A Noh play stage set inside the shrine grounds
  • Sacred tree Ichiyamatsu
  • Sumiyoshi Main Shrine (national important cultural property)
  • Funadama shrine (for road and maritime safety), Shiga shrine (for maritime safety and better fortune), Hitomaru shrine (for entertainment) and Sugawara shrine (for studies)


The Sumiyoshi Shrine is said to be the oldest Sumiyoshi Sanjin (a Shinto god of faith) shrine of worship in Japan. Because it faces the Hakata Bay (Reizeitsu), Sumiyoshi Sanjin has been deeply venerated as a guardian of sea voyage in the past.


The first Sumiyoshi shrine in Japan. This Sumiyoshi is said to be the oldest one out of all the over 2000 Sumiyoshi shrines in the country.


The main Sumiyoshi shrine is a nationally designated intangible cultural property. With its wide grounds, a uniqueness of the shrine is the tranquil, historical atmosphere that it gives off. Sumo wrestlers also dedicate the success of their matches here before they enter the sumo ring.

JR Hakata Station / Hakata subway station
Around 10 minutes on foot
Nishitetsu Bus going to "Sumiyoshi"
Around 2 minutes on foot
Impormasyon paradahan (presensya at bayad): 

Parking available for around 50 vehicles


Homepage: http://chikuzen-sumiyoshi.or.jp/ (Japanese only)

3-1-51 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku


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