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  1. Tenku Yubo Seikaiso
Tenku Yubo Seikaiso is a popular choice amongst travelers in Oita / Beppu, whether exploring or just passing through. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Service-minded staff wil...
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"Beppu Hatto" is the general term for the 8 representative hot springs within the city. Each hot spring originally flourished independently at the start, with the oldest one having a history which dat...
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Beppu hot springs and Yufuin hot springs are particularly famous in the "hot spring prefecture," Oita. The hot springs area here is large and abundant with a relaxing atmosphere...
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This soup contains dumplings made from salt-infused wheat flour that's thinly and lengthily kneaded into long strips, and prepared with a lot of miso paste.
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Using the hot spring fumes of the sea, vegetables and other raw, natural food such as seafood are steamed in the special Beppu method: in one breath of steam at high temperature, drawing out natural f...
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Boasting of a high production output all over the country, the shiitake mushroom is a gem which has a high nutritional value and deep flavor.
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Made using the larger fruit out of the citrus family, pomelo, the thick pomelo skin is first boiled before being exposed to running water and later boiled with sugar and starch syrup.
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Toriten (chicken tempura), is a local dish in Oita Prefecture. It's been said that a lone chef in an established shop in Beppu developed the recipe on his own during the early days of the Showa Era. A...
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  1. Yufuin Scarborough
At the Yufuin Station, one can see a black wooden building where there is a hall inside used as a gallery after getting down from the elegant express train "Yufuin no mori" (Yufuin special train)....

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