”IbuTama "Tamate box of Ibusuki" tourist express with the nickname was born as popular tourist destination, from Ryugu legend of Nagasakihana. Sea side is white, mountain side is black two-tone color stylish appearance. The train has been filled with display to the image in the sea.

Blue and green of the seat to image the sea and seaweed, red seat reminiscent of coral , various fish is drawn fence or panel, creatures of the sea picture books and booklets, the walls on the sea in the car of the library There is also a cute painted illustrations. White fog presumption is that blowing on every departure stop from the information in the doorway of the vehicle. This is the idea that the image of a white smoke of the treasure box.

And to deploy far from out of the Kagoshima Central Station, sea side facing the sea of Kinko Bay with a view from the seat and the sky, and is it hazy Osumi Peninsula and majestic Sakurajima far. No more of view is ideal scenery enough that the inner will flow like a slide. By all means, please visit Kyushu train to Ibusuki.



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