From AMU Plaza Hakata (a specialty shop zone of around 230 shops) to "Hakata Hankyu" (the first shopping mall in Kyushu), to "City Dining Kooten" (Japan's largest restaurant zone), to the rooftop plaza called "Tsubame no Mori," JR Hakata City also has event halls, conference halls, and cultural facilities, making it a new Kyushu landmark.


JR Hakata Station direct line
Libreng Buwis: 
Tax Free
Tax Free
Wifi Free: 
Free Wifi
Free Wifi
Mga Oras at pista opisyal: 

Shops: 10:00-21:00

Restaurants: 11:00-25:00 at the latest

※ Operating hours vary per store.

Impormasyon paradahan (presensya at bayad): 

Numerous paid parking lots available within the vicinity


Homepage: (automated English translation available)

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1-1 Chuo-gai, Hakata, Fukuoka
Phone092-431-8484 (10:00-21:00)


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