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Surrounded from three sides by the sea, Nagasaki Prefecture is where one can enjoy various seafood per season. Together with the beginning of spring comes the people's friend, the horse mackerel! Howe...
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  Let's taste the hand-pulled udon coming from continental Asia, handmade soba, and the spring soumen noodles coming from the peninsula! Shimabara tenoube (hand-pulled) soumen are traditionall...
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Champon   Unable to bear seeing international students from China go hungry, Chin Pin Shun, the owner of the Shikairou Chinese restaurant in Nagasaki, thought of a way to fill up their stom...
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One of the largest Yosakoi Festivals in Kyushu, Yosakoi Sasebo Festival is held in October every year, with festivities starting as early as Friday evening and lasting until Sunday.  ...
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photo:G43 photo:Atsasebo
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photo:そらみみ(Wikimedia Commons)

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