With its big red sign that reads “Yufu Mabushi Shin” in Japanese, this restaurant has two stores close to both Yufuin Station and Kinrin Lake. It is a highly popular restaurant in Yufuin, so if you want to eat here, make sure to arrive early as their menu items get sold out!

     Its main menu items are “Bungo-gyu mabushi” (beef, “Yufuin unagi mabushi” (eel), “jidori mabushi” (local chicken), and more. All of their dishes use locally-produced ingredients and are served in earthenware pots. 


The staff will carefully teach you on how to properly eat these “mabushi” dishes.


How to eat Yufu-mabushi:
1. Eat it as is. Mix it well and add condiments to your liking.
2. Eat with yuzukocho (paste with yuzu and chili peppers), greens, and tsukemono (Japanese side dishes)
3. Pour dashi-shiro (soup) into your bowl and eat as ochazuke (rice with tea or soup poured into)

The burnt rice at the bottom of the pot is particularly fragrant and delicious. When you get to this part, pouring dashi-shiro onto it will make it soften, and together with other condiments , you can savor your “mabushi” to the last bite. Enjoy your “mabushi” dish with in these three different ways.


Wet towel.


Yufuin local beer


Sliced Bungo beef


Appetizers. Everything is locally produced and grown. It takes time before the Yufu-mabushi is done, so enjoy this big serving of appetizers in the meantime.


Bungo-gyu mabushi dish. There is so much meat that you can’t see the rice below anymore!


Enjoy one bowl of this thoroughly mixed mabushi just as it is.


Click here for more information: http://ichiba.geocities.jp/ggkbh080/index.html



Business hours and holidays: 

11:00-16:00 (Last order at 15:30)
17:30-21:00 (Last order at 20:00)


※Closes as soon as menu items are sold out 品切れ次第終了

Operates during lunch time
Operates on Sundays


Close on Thursdays (open if Thursday falls on a holiday)



Halal (no pork, no alcohol): 
Non halal
Wi-Fi Availability: 
No Wifi
Parking information (fee and availability): 

No parking

Other information: 

30 seats available

Smoking is only allowed during evening opening hours

2F, 5-3 Yufuincho Kawakita, Yufu, Oita Prefecture 879-5114


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