Unagi no seiro mushi (steamed grilled eel) is a famous local Yanagawa dish. It is so famous that in Fukuoka Prefecture, people think of Yanagawa right away when it comes to unagi (eel). Unagi meals are usually prepared and sold as “unajuu” or “unadon” but in Yanagawa, unagi meals mean “unagi no seiro mushi.” The dish is made up of rice mixed with special unagi sauce topped with grilled unagi, topped with thinly-sliced egg which are then steamed in its container in order to keep it freshly hot and for the rice to completely soak in the flavor until the very last bite.


In Yanagawa City, there are a number of long-standing unagi no seiro mushi restaurants each with their own special, traditional sauces whose recipes are kept as closely-guarded secrets until now.


Source: Kyushu Tabi Net
Image (c) Gurunavi



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