Selected by the Ministry of Environment of Japan as one of the 100 Best Beaches in the country, Hado Cape Beach is also known as a dating spot, particularly for watching the sunset. It’s a beach snugly fitted within the cape, and the view of the contrast between the sea and the cape is particularly impressive. 


(Photo courtesy: あそぼーさが, 呼子.net, るるぶ.com)



Entrance fee: \300

Shower fee: \200

Parking information (fee and availability): 

Around 300 parking spaces available. Parking fee is \300


Access: From JR Karatsu Station: walk to Karatsu Oteguchi Bus Center (5 minutes from the north exit of the station) and ride the Showa bus going to “Hadomizaki” (50-minute ride). Get off at the last stop. 5-minute walk from there.

Chinzeimachi Hado, Karatsu, Saga Prefecture


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