One of Kitsuki's main themes is being “a town where wearing traditional Japanese clothes will suit you.” In line with this, Warakuan, which is a kimono rental shop (2400 yen per rental), has over 150 kimonos to choose from and is also complete with accessories. They don’t only rent out kimonos; they will help you put your kimono on, too! Wearing a kimono while walking out in public in Kitsuki will grant you free entrance to some facilities as well as discounts to certain shops and restaurants. You may even receive freebies! If you’re in Kitsuki, renting a kimono at Warakuan is a must! 


(Photo courtesy: Kitsuki Tourism Organization, Dokka!おでかけ探検隊)


Hours and holidays: 

10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Closed on New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3)

Admission Fee: 

Kimono rental and fitting: 2400 JPY per kimono

Parking information (availability and fee): 

Parking available


Please go to this page for more details: 

372-4 Kitsuki, Kitsuki-shi


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