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Hizenyumekaidou Ninja Village

The ninja village in Ureshino, Saga Prefecture, was once the training location for people who want to become ninjas.


There are many buildings built here that are reminiscent of the Edo Era landscape. One can enjoy numerous activities that heighten the ninja experience during the day, for all kids and those who are kids at heart. For example: rent a costume and dress up like ninjas, throw shuriken and darts, and enter ninja mansions. There is also a ninja show. It is definitely a place to go to for families with children after taking a dip at the Ureshino onsen.





Yutoku Inari Shrine


Let us wish and pray for blessing in this shrine before moving to another city. This shrine, Yutoku Inari Shrine, is one of Japan’s three largest inari shrines, despite being in the very small Saga Prefecture. Yutoku Inari Shrine is a big shrine that houses different deities. For example, the god of prosperous business, the god of family fortune and prosperity, the god for fishermen’s big catch, and the god of love. In addition, this shrine was used as a shooting location of the Thai drama Stay Saga and Kolkimono.








Arita is very popular for pottery and earthenware. In the 17th century, numerous Arita earthenware have been exported to Europe. Arita pottery’s distinct feature is in the way it is crafted, starting with a blue base, after which red is applied, and lastly, gold.


Arita Porcelain Park


Arita Porcelain Park is a theme park dedicated to showcase Arita porcelain ware. More importantly, it features a replica of the Zwinger Palace in Germany, right in the middle of the theme park. You can also experience painting Arita porcelain ware here.


Note: What you’ve made here cannot be brought back immediately. As “baking” the earthenware into completion takes around 12 hours, they have set up a service where you can send the finished product where you want to. It would take a month to send it if within Japan, and 2 months if overseas.




Gallery Oota’s Aritayaki Curry

A person who extremely loves Japanese curry will definitely not regret coming here. The curry here is very smooth and velvety, and is topped with cheese. Moreover, the shop serves the curry using Arita porcelain ware. You can also purchase porcelain dishes after eating curry here.





Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch

Looks like Europe is in Japan! Huis Ten Bosch is the largest theme park in Kyushu. In this theme park, there are numerous attractions that you can try. For example, there is a Ferris wheel, and there’s also bungee jumping. There is also an expansive beautiful tulip garden, and a night time illumination show.


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