Originating from the celebration of Chinese New Year, the "Nagasaki Lantern Festival" is a big winter festival where around 15,000 large, richly-colored Chinese paper lanterns are hung all over the heart of the city, starting from Nagasaki Chinatown to Minato Park, Chuo Park, the area around the Megane Spectacles Bridge, Hamaichi Arcade and more, whimsically decorating and painting the whole town. During this period, various events are held each day such as dragon dances, Chinese acrobats, erhu musical performances and more.


[Photo courtesy of "Nagasaki Tabi Net," the Nagasaki tourism portal]



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Chuo Park
Doza River
Lanterns of Doza River
Confucius Shrine
Blacksmith Town
Nakajima River Park
Minato Park
Candle prayer
[All images courtesy of the Nagasaki Tourism Federation]
Airport bus from Nagasaki Airport
35 minutes
Get off at Nagasaki Shinchi Terminal and walk for a minute from there
Held period: 

The Nagasaki Lantern Festival is held on the first day of the lunar calendar and is held for 15 days from there.


The festival schedule for the following years up to 2020 are as follows.

2016: February 8-22

2017: January 28-February 2

2018: February 16-March 4

2019: February 5-19

2020: January 25-February 8

Parking information (availability and fee): 

Parking lots available within the vicinity of each respective place

Phone095-822-8888 (Nagasaki call center ajisai call)


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