One of the largest Yosakoi Festivals in Kyushu, Yosakoi Sasebo Festival is held in October every year, with festivities starting as early as Friday evening and lasting until Sunday.


This festival, which is one of the biggest events in Sasebo City, charms tourists and visitors alike with the overflowing enthusiasm of different groups as they participate and stage the most powerful dance performances. Starting with performances at the main venue, Nakiri Park (Nakiri Festival Square), witness and enjoy performances from over 170 participating groups in 10 different venues across the city.


Seeing everyone, both male and female, young and old, come together and dance while sounding off their clappers in time with the music is definitely the highlight of the event.


(Source: Nagasaki Tabi-Net)




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JR Hakata Station
1 hour and 40 mins
JR Sasebo Station
Take the JR Limited Express Train Midori, heading to Huis Ten Bosch
Dazaifu Interchange (IC)
1 hour and 30 mins
Sasebo Chuo IC
Destination is approximately 5 minutes form Sasebo Chuo IC exit
Held period: 

This year (Heisei 27), the festival is scheduled on 16 October (Friday) until 18 October (Sunday).

The festival is held mid-October every year, in 13 different areas around Sasebo City.

There are around 170 participating teams (approx. 7,000 pax) this year.

Hours and holidays: 

9:30 - 22:00 (may change depending on the event)

Admission Fee: 

Free Admission

The Festival has a yearly turnout of around 200,000 visitors and spectators.


Parking information (availability and fee): 

None; paid parking is available around the designated festival areas


Festival highlight: This is Japan's longest shopping arcade Yosakoi/dance festival

Motoshimacho 4-15, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture


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