With its long history of being one of the best cherry blossom places in southern Kyushu, Mochio Park is known for its long rows of around 1000 cherry blossom trees and has also been selected as one of Japan's top places for cherry blossom viewing. Along with the coming of spring, the park also becomes splendidly alive with a lot of visitors. Feel free to fully enjoy yourself here at Mochio Park, one of Miyakonojo's best tourist spots.





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Photo courtesy: MORIMORI
Photo courtesy: MORIMORI
Photo courtesy: MORIMORI
Miyakonojo Interchange, Kyushu Expressway
Around 15 minutes
Nishi-Miyakonojo Station, JR Nippou Main Line
15 minutes
Held period: 

Late March to mid-April 2017

Admission Fee: 


Parking information (availability and fee): 

400 parking spaces available


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The event dates may vary depending on the opening of cherry blossoms

Yokoichicho, Miyakonojo


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