Yanagawa Sagemon Festival
  • Yanagawa Sagemon Festival
  • Yanagawa Sagemon Festival


The famous “Yanagawa Sagemon Matsuri” (Yanagawa Sagemon Festival) is held in the beautiful riverside town of Yanagawa every year from mid-February up to early April. Yanagawa celebrates the first annual festival of newborn baby girls by making small accessories called sagemon from scraps of old cloth and hanging them up as decorations. This traditional event has continued ever since since the Edo period. Sagemon are 51 round-shaped items of various sizes all in all, with 2 big Yanagawa-mari (traditional balls originating from China) and various talismans in small pouches hanging from the center.


This first festival of young girls includes the wishes of their parents for their happiness and health. Beginning in mid-February, visitors can go around Yanagawa to see the multicolored sagemon decorating various places.


Around mid-March, an “Ohina-sama Water Parade” is held. Young girls dressed in their finest kimono will ride a boat and take a leisurely tour along the river. The Sagemon Festival then continues up to early April, culminating in an event where paper dolls are floated downriver.


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Nishitetsu Tenjin Station
Around 45 minutes
Yanagawa Station
Around 45 minutes to Yanagawa Station via Tenjin-Omuta Line limited express train
Kyushu Expressway - Miyama-Yanagawa Interchange
20 minutes
Held period: 

Held from mid-February up to early April annually.

The schedule for 2017 is February 11 to April 3.


Yanagawa City, Fukuoka


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