"Toyotamahime Shrine" (Toyotama Princess Shrine) in the center of the spa town is widely praised as a god of the sea, a god of water from ancient times.

Toyotama is the daughter of the famous sea god, Ryu Miyagi.

Because the skin is very white and beautiful, it is also widely popular as god of beautiful skin.

There is also a catfish company that worshiped "Namizu-sama" which is the servant of Toyotama. It is said that when you visit, your skin will become white and beautiful. Many women come to visit her to pray.



Means of transportation: 

(1) From Takeo Onsen Station by bus to Ureshino Onsen Station (5 minutes on foot from Ureshino Onsen Station)
(2) 4 minutes by car from Ureshino IC of Nagasaki Motorway Road



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