Updated: 2017-09-28 18:26
You'll never get enough of our melt-in-your mouth local meats. We serve only the highest quality meats and are sure that their juicy, soft texture and decadent flavors are sure to satisfy even the mos...
Non halal
Updated: 2017-07-13 15:50
  Oita Bungo Beef has been raised in Oita's wonderful nature and is a masterpiece of beef with a shining history and records. It has a rich, yet mild, melt in the mouth flavor. For more det...
Updated: 2016-09-16 21:05
  Raised in the splendor of nature, a trait of the Hirado Wagyu beef is its particular tenderness. Within the city, various yakiniku and sushi restaurants as well as cafes have Wagyu beef in t...
Updated: 2016-01-09 19:41
  1. Miyazaki Beef
Nurtured under the mild climate of Miyazaki, "Miyazaki beef" is delivered as a carefully-selected quality food product. These hygienically processed Miyazaki beef also has a high reputation for being...
Updated: 2015-12-23 17:08
  The tomato sukiyaki (sukiyaki with tomato sauce) is recommended. Top off your meal with the addictively delicious tomato risotto.  
Non halal
Updated: 2015-12-23 17:07
  Nishijin Hatsuki is an elegant yakiniku restaurant with the calm ambience its private rooms provide. The lunch menu is delicious and affordable!  
Non halal
Updated: 2015-12-23 17:03
Proud of Kagoshima, Berkshire shabu-shabu is popular. Also, Kagoshima Japanese beef shabu-shabu, sukiyaki is also popular . Banquet in private room is available. Japanese-style seat for private room i...
Non halal
Updated: 2015-12-23 16:46
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You enjoy to see and try the Yakiniku of black beef "Kagoshima Kuroushi". It is No.1 in terms of the grilled sound and also the taste of it. Let us enjoy together!  【Cooperation: Kagoshim...