Soshuurin is souvenir shop-like Chinese restaurant just at the edge of Nagasaki's famous Chinatown. Using a different method of making the noodles called doaku (using lye while making the wheat noodles in order to keep the taste in the noodles; also makes the noodles last longer), instead of the usual method kansui (boiling the wheat noodles until it gets cooked), the original and unique taste of its noodles is something the shop is proud of.


The soup, balanced with 14 other ingredients used to make this meal, retains the strong and deep flavors of the essence of chicken bones, all while being very light and easy to eat.


Means of transportation: 

From Nagasaki Airport:

  • 40 minutes by bus - at the Nagasaki Shinchi Bus Terminal, take a bus from Loading Bay No. 1


From Nagasaki Station:

  • 5 minutes by taxi, towards Minato Kouen

  • 8 minutes by bus (in front of Shinchi Bus Terminal)

  • 5 minutes via tram (get off at Tsukimachi Tram Stop)

From the National highway:

  • 3 minutes by car (use the Nagasaki Dejima Highway)


Business hours and holidays: 

10:00 AM-9:00 PM

Halal (no pork, no alcohol): 
Non halal
Wi-Fi Availability: 
No Wifi
Parking information (fee and availability): 

Available for 3 cars (Suzaku Gate side) 

11-14 Shinchimachi, Nagasaki City


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