Enjoy the blooming flowers and natural vegetation in this botanical garden, during any of the four seasons. It is located on a hill, and at the summit is an area where you have access to a great overlooking view of the Suo Sea. It is also possible to see different flowers and well-known plants here. The park also has a cherry blossom garden, an azalea garden, a peony garden, as well as a valley of flowers, garden wetlands, and aquatic gardens featuring a variety of flora.


From the someiyoshino, to Shiranoe's satozakura (which are designated as one of Fukuoka prefecture's Natural Monuments), to the rare breed of cherry blossom trees with light green blooms called gyouikou, the place is bustling with tourists during spring.


You can spend your time and enjoy the sights and sound of nature when you go flower-viewing, have a picnic, walk around the forest path, or go bird-watching in Shiranoe Botanical Gardens.


* About the establishment
Area: around 7.5 hectares
* Wheelchair-friendly
Accommodations for persons with disability such as restrooms, wheelchair ramps, and guide dogs are available; discounted rates for PWDs and the elderly also available


(Source: Crossroad Fukuoka)

(Photo by Mark Kenny, Shiranoe Botanical Garden HP日本隅々の旅)


2 Chome Shiranoe, Moji Ward, Kitakyushu


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