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We went to Takeo Onsen on our last day. This big red and white gate is called Roumon and from here, the building can be clearly seen. There was an old man inside the building who did his best to explain the history of Takeo Onsen to us. 



I would recommend this for experiencing big bath tubs. Using it is easy: first push a button on the vending machine, insert money, then receive a ticket to be able to enter the hot springs.



There’s an area where you can leisurely relax after your bath. Your tiredness is supposed to melt away while resting and drinking something cold.



Today, we wanted to be like Araya “Chompoo” Hargate (*note: a famous Thai actress) so we wore kimonos before going to Yutoku Inari Shrine. This is one of the places where the famous Thai drama “Kol Kimono” was filmed. I don’t have any other words to describe this beautiful, vermillion bridge and the view you can see from below it other than “wonderful”! You have to take the stairs to go up, but today, as a special favor, we were allowed to use the elevator. It was really beautiful and serene up there.



After visiting the shrine, we went for a walk down the shopping street nearby, looking at shops and buying souvenirs. Everyone was really kind and always greeted us with a smile.



Afterwards, we went to Hizen-hamashuku. We dropped by a sake brewery there and got to sample some of them. It was really sweet! If you’re a fan of sake, you should definitely visit here. I bought umeshu to take back to Thailand with me. There are also “soft drinks” sake available. 



It’s time for dessert! We went to sample sencha (tea made from leaves) at the Hizen Sencha Center. The sencha here is from Ureshino, a nearby city. We had Japanese sweets, too.



You can study how to properly make tea from sencha here, too. We made our own sencha using a timer. Aside from sencha, we also ate other food made from tea leaves. They weren’t bitter at all, and overall I thought this was a really good experience. 



After that, we went to Yoshinogari Historical Park. It’s a place where the livelihood of the people 2,000 years ago is reconstructed. Because of this, questions like “how did they build their own villages back then?” or, “how different was the social status and livelihood back then?” can easily be understood. Another plus point is this park is easy to go to. It can be reached by train from Saga City.



I was really looking forward to the last place we went to for today. It’s the light projection show organized and held at the Saga City Hall. It’s similar to the projection show of teamLab, but this one features the background of the Saga City night view and is projected on top of glass as well, making up a wonderful show. What’s more, it’s free! Definitely a must-see.


Click here for more details and photos (originally posted in Thai).



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