Okayama Koraku-en, together with Kenraku-en in Kanazawa and Kairaku-en in Ibaraki, make up the Three Great Gardens of Japan. It was first constructed 300 years ago under the orders of Tsunamasa Ikeda, 4th ruler of the Okayama domain, as a daimyo garden. This is a garden where visitors can experience various changes of sceneries as they walk around. A lot of strolling while gazing at the beautiful surroundings can definitely be done here. As the seasons pass, spring brings plum and cherry blossoms, irises in June, and around 3000 trees draped in brilliant red foliage during autumn, making it a popular place for autumn leaves-viewing.


Business hours and holidays: 

7:30 AM-6:00 PM (April to September)  
8:00 AM-5:00 PM (October to March) 


Adult: \400
Elementary and middle school student: \140
Senior (65 years old and above): \140


Korakuen + Okayama Castle
\560 (15-65 years old only)

Korakuen + Okayama Castle + Hayashibara Museum of Art
\960 (15-65 years old only)

Parking information (fee and availability): 

Normal vehicles: \100 per hour (570 spaces)
Large vehicles: \610 (10 spaces)

Means of transportation: 
  • - On foot from JR Okayama Station: 25 min
  • - City bus from JR Okayama Station: 12 min
    Take the bus bound for Fujiwara Danchi from bus terminal platform 1. The gardens are next to the Korakuen-Mae bus-stop.
1-5 Koraku-en, Kita-ku


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