The brilliant red color of Kirishima Shrine with the solemn dark green background of the trees surrounding it looming into view as you approach the shrine entrance is an unforgettable sight, especially if seeing it for the first time. It was built around the 6th century, boasting of a long history. Originally located at the foot of a mountain, it was reconstructed in its current location due to multiple destructions brought about by volcanic explosions. It is surrounded by serene scenery overflowing with mystical energy; an 800-year old cedar tree also stands here and is considered sacred, prayed to by visitors.  


Festivals are held here at Kirishima Shrine every year during New Year's Day and on February 11, when 9 traditional Japanese "taiko" drums are played, tuning out a lively beat in a famous, traditional show that draws visitors both from within and outside the prefecture.


(Photo credit: creative commons)


Kirishima Jingu Station (JR Nippon Main Line)
Around 10 minutes
Kyushu Highway Mizobe Kagoshima Airport IC
Around 40 minutes
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Open whole year round



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Free parking lot available


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2608‐5 Kirishima-taguchi, Kirishima


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