Kusasenri in July
  • Kusasenri in July
  • Kusasenri in autumn
  • Kusasenri in autumn
  • Snow at Kusasenri
  • Early morning at Kusasenri
  • Kusasenri and the Miyama Kirishima
  • Kusasenri vicinity

Kusasenri is the perfect location if you want to see the smoke rising from Mount Aso. From the vast, grass-covered shallow square prairie that spreads out towards the northern foot of the Eboshidake mountain, to the large pond at its center and the sight of horses grazing on the pasture, it looks like an idyllic landscape from a fairy tale.  As the season changes, the grass turns from a deep green of the summer to a romantic silver in the winter, with each season having its own distinct color. Kusasenri also known for offering horse riding throughout the year. This is one of Aso’s iconic landscapes where numerous Japanese poets have written songs about its beauty in the past.  

Information from: Kumamoto Nagomi Tourism Site

Kyushu Highway - Kumamoto IC(National highway No.57, 60km)
1 hour and 20 minutes
Parking information (fee and availability): 

500 spaces, paid parking.

Normal car ¥410, motorcycle ¥100

Kusasenrigahama, Aso, Kumamoto


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