Under the rule of Christian daimyo Arima Harunobu, for the longest time Arima was the base point of missionaries doing their evangelization. However, the times changed and persecution of the Christians began. Harunobu was sentenced to death for several crimes and his rule was passed on to his son, Naozumi, who quickly turned away from Christianity and began to heavily persecute the Christians.


Despite Naozumi's seeming resolve to stamp out Christianity entirely within his domain, he also asked his samurai to renounce their faith in order to be saved. However, one of the samurai named Adrian Takahashi Mondo strongly refused and was sentenced to be burned at stake together with two other samurai who also refused, along with their families. 20,000 Christians kept vigil over the families while they were imprisoned, up to their execution. A white cross which contains vestiges of the execution currently stands on the plains where Hinoe Castle looks out. This site has also been officially declared by the Vatican as a pilgrimage site. The 8 martyrs who were burned at stake were beatified on November 24, 2008.






Means of transportation: 

Via car: 80-minute drive from Isahaya IC

Via bus: Ride the Shimatetsu bus to Minamimichi bus stop (3-minute walk from here) or Kita-arima bus stop (5-minute walk from here)


The site is located near the Minamishimabara City Hall.

2754 Kita-arima-chobo, Minamishimabara-shi


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