Nishi Park was formerly known as Aratsuyama Park until its name was officially changed to "Nishi Kouen (Nishi Park, with nishi meaning 'west' in Japanese) in the 1900s. The many cherry blossom trees as well as maple trees here were planted as early as 1885, providing a magnificent view of cherry blossoms in spring and red leaves during autumn. It is located uphill where visitors can be treated to a panoramic view of Fukuoka City by the sea side as far as Nokonoshima Island by Hakata Bay and Shikanoshima Island on the opposite side. 


Terumo Shrine is also located here at Nishi Park. This shrine is dedicated to military strategist Kuroda Josui and his son Nagamasa, and the place overall is also known as a sacred mountain where Tosho Gongen (Tokugawa Ieyasu in his deity form) is enshrined as a god who protects the area when Kuroda Nagamasa became the ruler of the Fukuoka Domain. 



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Ohori Kouen Station (Fukuoka Subway Line)
Around 15 minutes
Nishi Park
Nishi Park IC, Fukuoka City Highway
Around 5 minutes
Nishi Park
Business hours and holidays: 

No business hours and holidays (open 24 hours every day)


No admission fee

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Parking available


Cherry blossom viewing information

・Blooming period: end of March to beginning of April

・Night-time illumination available

・No scheduled cherry blossom festival 

・Food stalls available

・Stalls selling alcohol available

・Public toilets available

Nishi Park, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


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