Nanzouin is the head temple of the Sasaguri New Shikoku Hallowed Grounds. It is located in the beautiful prefecture of Fukuoka in Sasagurimachi.


Nanzouin is an image of the Great Buddha as he is entering Nirvana (Shakane Sanzou). Completed in 1995, its size is worth boasting as it's the biggest bronze statue of the Reclining Buddha, with a length of 41 and a height of 15m, and weighs approximately 300 tons. The Reclining Buddha statue is called Nebotokesan by the locals. It is said that the Head Priest of the Temple hit the jackpot at a lottery, and as such, it has also become a popular spot for those who want to win lotteries.


More than 1.3 million pilgrims visit this place every year.






JR Hakata Station
Approx. 20 minutes
JR Kyushu Sasaguri Line (Fukuhoku Yutaka Line) Kidonanzouinmae Station
After getting off the train, walk for around 3 minutes.
One-way fare is at 370 yen.
Fukuoka National Route 201
Approx. 30-minute drive
Business hours and holidays: 

Grounds open all-year-round, 24 hours

Tour of the inner part of the statue and Shops: 9:00 to 17:00



Entrance to the temple: free

Tour of the inner part of the statue: 500 yen

Parking information (fee and availability): 

Parking Available

Sasaguri 1035, Sasagurimachi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture


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