Pilaf rice and cutlets placed in one plate, this dish is a simple approach to Western cuisine. Although this is the standard recipe, each restaurant within the city has their own original menu. Some places even add tonkatsu (pork cutlets), pilaf rice and curry together with the dish. The popular Western-style dish in one plate, this is the Turkish rice.


Even though you might think "So it came from Turkey?" it is actually completely born and bred in Nagasaki. There are various reasons for the name, but at any rate, if 3 Western dishes are mentioned in Nagasaki, one of those would surely be Turkish rice. Aside from pilaf rice as the base, there is also chicken rice, dried curry, toppings of tonkatsu or chicken katsu or hamburger patties, with spaghetti or Neapolitan meat sauce or cream sauce - each restaurant actually has a lot of variations! Let's try out various restaurants and search for our own best Turkish rice!


[Photo courtesy of "Nagasaki Tabi Net," the Nagasaki tourism portal]



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