Miyajidake Shrine, known for being a shrine for better fortunes and prosperous businesses, is where Okinagatarashi-hime no Mikoto (said to be another name for the legendary Empress Jingu) is enshrined and revered. It receives a total of 2,200,000 visitors yearly.


A monthly ritual called “Tsuitachi Mairi” is held here monthly, with the first prayer beginning at midnight on the first day of the month. The paths leading to the shrine are lined up with various souvenir and food shops which are open late into the night, drawing in a lot of shrine-goers for the whole day. 


The shimenawa (Shinto rope) hanging above the main shrine weighs a total of 5 tons. Along with the large bell and large Taiko drum in the shrine grounds, they are collectively and famously known as “Japan’s Best 3.”


Visiting the 8 other shrines located inside Miyajidake Shrine is a practice known as “Oku no Miya Hachisha Mairi” and is said to bring visitors a different stroke of luck for each. Give it a try for yourself!


Cherry blossoms and irises bloom in profusion here depending on the season. Also within the shrine grounds are the Minkamura Natural park and a petting zoo with horses, ponies and goats, which children will surely enjoy.


Cherry blossoms


Petting zoo


On your way back, don’t miss this breathtaking sight of the town stretching out until the sea as you descend the stairs.


Please look at the website of Miyajidake Shrine for more details: http://www.miyajidake.or.jp/images/en/booklet.pdf

Business hours and holidays: 

Prayer: 7:00 - 19:00 
* Open 24 hours from evening of December 31 to January 1

Parking information (fee and availability): 

Available, 700 spaces

Means of transportation: 

・By car - 10 minute drive from JR Fukuma Station on the Kagoshima Main Line, 20 minutes drive from Saga Interchange
・By train and bus - from JR Fukuma Station, take the Nishitetsu bus bound for Tsuyazaki-bashi and get off at the Miyajidake Miya Mae stop



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