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From 60 years ago up to now, Kikuchi Onsen has been said to have been found by the prophecy of a white dragon which appeared from within the thick, enshrouding steam in the area. The waters of Kikuchi Onsen are so abundant and has an alkaline spring quality that they are also known as the "water of beautiful skin" and "water of beauty." Kikuchi Onsen has been selected as one of Japan's 100 best hot springs in October 2011. The Kikuchi Gorge and other historical places related to the Kikuchi Clan can also be found nearby.


From the Kumamoto Nagomi Tourism Site


Address: Waifu, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture (postal code 861-1331)


For inquiries: Kikuchi Onsen Association Tel:0968-25-2926 

Kikuchi Onsen Official Website


Waifu, Kikuchi City


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