Located in Higashi-ku in Fukuoka City, Kashii Shrine worships the deities of Emperor Chuai and Empress Jingu. Built in the year 724, this incredibly old and formal shrine once ranked as an Imperial shrine. The main shrine features a unique architectural style called “Kashii-zukuri” and was reconstructed during the latter part of the Edo Period; it is also a designated Important Cultural Property of Japan. Its treasure hall holds old roof tiles, documents, paintings, and more. 

     The shrine is visited by an envoy of the Imperial Palace every 10 years, and the road leading to the shrine which they pass through is 800 meters long lined with camphor trees. There is also a “fountain of youth” here which is also quite famous. 


Sacred Tree at Kashii Shrine

     Ever since Empress Jingu’s triumphant return from Korea, the branch of a cedar tree which she had tied over the sleeve of her armor as “everlasting protection” to cover the the three treasures she had under it was said to have grown into this large tree now known as a sacred tree here at Kashii Shrine. The various sizes of its leaves remain unchanged even after 1800 years, and it is said to keep sprouting new saplings from its roots until present time, without replanting any of its parts. Admire this magnificent cedar tree whole-year round. 


Furosui, the “fountain of youth”

     This well is located at the back of Kashii Shrine. It is said that Takenouchi no Sukune, a legendary Japanese hero and statesman from the Yamato Period, dug up this well under the orders of Emperor Chuai and Empress Jingu. He was then said to scoop water from here every morning and use it to cook rice for the empress and also drink the natural water himself which enabled him to live for supposedly up to 300 years, which is why the well is preserved up to now, making the water of the well known as a fountain of perpetual youth. The Environment Agency of Japan has designated the well as one of Japan’s 100 Best Spring Waters. 


(Photo by creative commons)


Business hours and holidays: 

Opening hours
April to September: 5:00 AM-6:00 PM
October to March: 6:00AM-5:00 PM



Free entrance

Parking information (fee and availability): 

Parking available, 350 spaces

Means of transportation: 

3-minute walk from Kashii-jingu Station (JR Kashii Line)


Homepage (Japanese only): http://kashiigu.com/

4-16-1 Kashii, Higashi-ku


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