A famous, long-standing hamburger shop can be found within the beautiful area of Nijinomatsubara in Karatsu City. This shop is a remodelled minibus with the words "Karatsu Hambuger and Coffee Shop" painted on it in Japanese as a telltale sign for visitors. The spiciness and juicy-ness of the Karatsu burger makes it a hit among children and adults alike.


Business hours and holidays: 

10:00 AM-8:00 PM


Special burger: 490 JPY

Egg burger: 370 JPY

Ham and egg burger: 370 JPY

Hamburger: 310 JPY 

Karamatsu Burger: 450 JPY


More on the menu, including drinks.

Halal (no pork, no alcohol): 
Non halal
Wi-Fi Availability: 
No Wifi
Parking information (fee and availability): 

Parking available

Other information: 

The staff will bring your order directly to your own car.

Nijinomatsubara, Higashikaratsu, Karatsu-shi


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