The whole area where Kamikozaki Church now stands is said to be the previous grazing land owned by the Matsuura Clan, which then became a settlement of Christians who migrated from Kuroshima and Goto Island. Kamikozaki Church was the first church built in the Kitamatsuura district before the churches of Tabira and Himosashi were built as well. 



Hours and holidays: 

Mass schedule: 6:00 AM and 8:30 AM on Sundays, 6:00 AM every weekday, 7:00 PM on Saturdays

Visitors may not be permitted inside during mass or other private ceremonies

Admission Fee: 

Free (giving any amount in the donation box is highly encouraged)

Parking information (availability and fee): 

Available but may not be used during mass hours.


Homepage (Japanese only):



Via bus - Nishitetsu Bus / Hirado Bus, get off at Tasuke Shougakkou-mae (Elementary School) and walk for 10 minutes.

Via car - 10-minute drive from Hirado Bridge

220 Okubo-cho, Hirado, Nagasaki


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