Kagamiyama, or Mount Kagami, is 284m tall and boasts of a superb view of the city and the countryside below it. It also offers views of Nijinomatsubara, Karatsu Bay, and even a silhouette of Iki Island (in Nagasaki). Moreover, Kagamiyama is colored by the legends that surround it and is referenced in the oldest collection of Japanese poems, the Manyoushuu.


It is said that the mountain’s name stemmed from the fact that Empress Jinguu enshrined a mirror (which is called kagami in Japanese) at the mountain’s summit. Kagamiyama is also part of a legend about Princess Sayo Matsuura. According to the legend, Princess Sayo waved goodbye to her beloved, Otomo no Sadehiko, as he set sail for the Korean Peninsula. As she did so, she used a cloth called hire, waving it from the top of the mountain. Due to this, Kagamiyama is also called Hirefuriyama.


At Kagamiyama’s summit there is a look-out point, a lawn area, and a rest area. The summit is also known for having great views of flowers, such as cherry blossoms and azaleas.







JR Hakata Station
approx. 90 mins
JR Nijinomatsubara Station (Chikuhi Line)
Dazaifu Interchange (IC)
approx. 30 mins
Nagasaki Expressway - Taku IC
Exit Nagasaki Expressway from Taku IC; approximately 40 minutes from the interchange by car.
Parking information (fee and availability): 

Free parking (175 parking slots)

Kagami, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture


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