Ise-ebi (Spiny Lobster)
  • Ise-ebi (Spiny Lobster)
  • Ise-ebi (Spiny Lobster)
  • Ise-ebi (Spiny Lobster)

Ise-ebi (spiny lobster) are said to inhabit along the coast of the Pacific Ocean from up north in Chiba up to Okinawa through the Kuroshio Current, and is particularly plenty in number around Kyushu, living in the quiet waves of the Sea of Japan. The value of Miyazaki-harvested ise-ebi is high and the ise-ebi export to other prefectures has also increased.


The lobster fishing ban in Miyazaki is in September. When catching ise-ebi, a tennis net-like fishing net called tateami is stretched around the reef at night, entangling the ise-ebi among the net and catching them. When the waves are calm, it's been said that even rugged-looking persons often catch ibe-ebi during those times. Also, ise-ebi caught in Aoshima are shipped all over Japan as the "Aoshima-dore" brand.


[photo courtesy of the Miyazaki City Tourism Association]


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