Hizen Tsuusentei is a tea shop loaded with unique tea-related items such as the autograph of Baisao (said to be the “father” of sencha or green tea leaves who was originally from Saga City and lived from 1675 to 1763), a collection of images drawn by famous Japanese painter Ito Jakuchu, and more. Experience making and drinking genuine sencha together with Ureshino tea and Aritaware, paired together with Saga cakes and sweets. You can also experience grinding the tea leaves to powder to make matcha (green tea powder) by yourself and much more. 


It is particularly recommended to experience the tea of Saga during the period of Hina Matsuri or Girls’ Festival (held every March 3). Around this time, hina matsuri dolls dating from around 100 years ago will be on display in the store.



Means of transportation: 

Via car: 20-minute drive from Saga Yamato Interchange
Via bus: Ride the bus from Saga Bus Center heading to Katatae and get off at the Gofuku-motomachi bus stop
On foot: 30-minute walk from Saga Station


Sencha workshop set: 500 JPY
Matcha set: 600 JPY
Matcha grinding workshop: 1000 JPY
Chestnut jam: 500 JPY

Halal (no pork, no alcohol): 
Non halal
Wi-Fi Availability: 
No Wifi
Parking information (fee and availability): 

Parking available

4-6-18 Matsubara, Saga-shi


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