Hinoe Castle was the former residence of the Arima clan, the then-ruling family in the Shimabara peninsula during the Middle Ages.


Arima Harunobu, the daimyo at the time, received baptism and became a Christian. As a result, Hinoe Castle was called upon on by missionaries and merchants alike coming from Europe. Christianity systemically flourished and was practiced in the castle town under the protection of the clan. With the close exchanging of cultures between the Arima clan and the missionaries, Hinoe Castle is a historic ruins representative of the heavy influence and the formation of the structure of Catholic faith in the Arima area.


This site is a candidate to be a UNESCO World Heritage site.




Ride the Shimatetsu bus from Shimabara Station and get off at the "Hinoe-jo Ato Iriguchi" (Hinoe Castle Ruins entrance) bus stop. From there, the site is 5 minutes on foot.



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