The Hakata Sennen no Mon is a welcome gate leading tourists to the remaining historical area of shrines and temples in Hakata which are cultural properties. It was completed last March 2014. The gate which is the entrance of Hakata is called "Tsujinodou Guchi Mon" and used to serve as the gate in the past on the old state road from Hakata to Dazaifu during the Edo period. The names "Hakata Sennen no Mon" and "Tsujinodou Guchi Mon" were chosen out of the numerous submissions from all over the country. "Hakata Sennen no Mon" is the name familiarly known to most people, while "Tsujinodou Guchi Mon" has been decided as the historical name of the gate. The names imply that Hakata is keeping their history with great care, and that from here on, they wish the history will continue to prosper for a thousand more years. When you visit Hakata, certainly, please drop by this new tourist spot and walk along the Jotenji-dori where you will be surely satisfied with the number of temples dotting the area.


Ride the subway to Gion Station
5 minutes on foot
29-9 1-chome Hakata-ekimae, Hakata, Fukuoka


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