Do you know Mentaiko?? - The most popular specialty of Kyushu -

Mentaiko is made from the eggs of the Alaskan Pollock caught in the frigid northern ocean. It’s also known as “Spicy Cavire”


Mentaiko was originally made by Mr.Toshio Kawahara, the founder of FUKUYA.

Mentaiko is one of the most popular food that many Japanese people think as the best for cooked rice.

But not only is Mentaiko the perfect partner for Japanese dishes, but it is also a great counterpart to western ones.
Try Mentaiko with many kinds of foods such as pasta, pizza, and French bread.

We are sure you will appreciate FUKUYA as the No. 1 brand of Mentaiko, for its flavor you can enjoy everyday.


My Recommended Product!

1. Tube Tube - Quick! Easy! Delicious! -


Give your Break fast more flavor with this tube Mentaiko whether on rice or on bread.

パンに    ご飯に


2. Mentuna Can ― Canned Mentaiko with Tuna Flakes ―

Who doesn't love Tuna? This new flavor of Tuna can be made a lot of food. 

For Me? My favorite is on Salad!




Hope you enjoy "Mentaiko"

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