This mansion's construction started during the Meiji Era and underwent upgrades and expansion through the Taisho and early Showa Periods. The house is a prime example of modern Japanese architecture.


The land area spans 7,568 square meters, while the residence in itself has a floor area of 1,019 square meters. This chic mansion, with its elaborate garden, was where the famous poet Byakuren Yanagihara spent her days. It is owned by the "King of Coal Mining," Den'emon Ito, and the only building that can speak of the cultural significance of coal mining in Iizuka City, where only a few existing establishments that tell the heritage of coal remain.


The property's high walls face the old Nagasaki Highway, and its gate (called Nagayamon) was relocated from a villa that caught fire in 1927 in Tenjin, Fukuoka (a property called the Copper Palace). This, together with the former office and store of Den'emon Ito, is eye-catching. The mansion is made up of five buildings - the Minami-mune (property facade), Kita-mune (facing the garden), Kadonoma Nakanoma-mune (which connects the two aforementioned buildings), the foyer and dining hall building, and the Tsunagi-mune - and three storehouses. A house of modern Japanese architecture, this residence has a vast stroll garden that surrounds a pond.


This structure displays the beauty of harmonious compromise between Western and Eastern architecture. From the sitting room's art-noveau mantelpiece, and diamond-shaped stained glass windows made in England; to the long corridor lined with tatami mats in a single line - different artistic techniques were applied during the construction of this mansion, which made it an architectural structure that was ahead of its time. The attention to detail and the exquisite decor can be seen throughout the house.


It is also a house that speaks of the history of the 10-year marriage between Den'emon and his wife, Akiko (Byakuren) Yanagihara. The history of coal mining in Chikuho, and the heritage of the life of Den'emon and the people around him, can all be seen in this structure, so please explore it to your heart's content.


Quick Facts
Address: Koubukuro 300 Iizuka City
Property Area: approximately 7,570 square meters
Floor Area: approx. 1,020 square meters

* On September 21, 2011, this mansion's garden received the status of a "National Designated Scenic Spot."

* On September 26, 2006, it was identified as an Iizuka Cty Tangible Cultural Property.





Business hours and holidays: 

Business Hours: 9:30 to 17:00 (5:00 PM) (Entrance until 16:30/4:30PM)

Holidays and Closed Days: Wednesdays (if a holiday falls on a Wednesday, the mansion is open)
    New Year holiday (December 29 - January 3)

※If there is an event in the area, the mansion is open all days of the week


・Adults:  JPY 300 (JPY 240)
・Elementary and Junior High School students:  JPY 100(JPY 80)
※ Amount specified in parentheses( )apply for group visitors (20 or more)
※ Elementary and Junior High School students have free admission on Saturdays

Parking information (fee and availability): 

Former Den'emon Ito's Residence parking
Koubukuro Research Park's parking lot
※ Free/ 130 parking slots available (parking for large vehicles also available)

Means of transportation: 

Access from

1) Kyushu Expressway - (via car), exit from:

・Fukuoka IC/Bypass - 45 minutes 
・Yahata IC/Bypass - 35 minutes
・Chikugo-Ogori IC/Bypass - 50 minutes


2) Yagiyama Bypass, by car - exit at Honami-higashi IC; around 10 minutes until destination


3) from JR Fukuhoku Yutaka Line - Shin-Iizuka Station - 10 mins via car


4) via Nishitetsu Bus (from Iizuka Bus Terminal):

・from Iizuka Bus Terminal Bus Stop No. 2, get on the bus bound for "Akaike Kogyo Row"(赤池工業団地行) or "Kekatsu" (毛勝)

・get off at the "Koubukuro Kyu-Ito Den'emon Tei-zenmae"(幸袋・旧伊藤伝右衛門邸前) Bus Stop; walk for around 2 minutes.

※Direct buses to Koubukuro Kyu-Ito Den'emon Tei-zeimae leave from Nishitetsu Tenjin Bus Terminal, called the "Den'emon," with 3 trips daily.


5) via JR Kyushu Bus

・get off at Koubukuro Honmachi Bus stop; walk for 2 minutes.



Koubukuro 300


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