• Maple trees
  • Ginkgo leaves
  • Large autumn leaves
  • Bridge
  • Pond
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Mifuneyama Garden annually holds a Festival of Autumn Colors from November 7 to December 7. Mifuneyama Garden is found in Takeo-shi in Saga Prefecture, and various landscapes can be seen here depending on the season. Enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and azaleas in summer.


Since it was autumn, I came to see the autumn leaves. The central garden can be seen directly after entering the main gates. The pond at the center is decorated by surrounding trees in autumn colors. These autumn colors vary and are not just one shade, because each tree takes different times for their leaves to turn. The scenery was surprisingly beautiful in the different shades of red for someone like myself, who was born in the city. You can enjoy walking along the garden route while taking pictures. The route is easy to follow without the possibility of children losing their way, and makes it possible for all of the spots to be seen.


If you become tired, you can also enjoy the autumn scenery while having sweets at a tea shop there.


I bought souvenirs at the souvenir shop by the entrance just before I left. Ureshino tea leaves were recommended as souvenirs.


November 27, 2014
Mifuneyama Garden
traffic transportation: 
Takeo Onsen Station
Around 15 minutes
The bus stop can be found in front of the Takeo Onsen Station.
Maple trees
The maple trees have different shades of red.
Ginkgo leaves
Ginkgo trees during autumn are beautiful as well, and is a particular feature of autumn together with red leaves. It’s not only the red leaves which are beautiful but also the yellow Ginkgo leaves.
These are green during autumn, but pink azalea flowers can be seen during summer. Please also visit this garden during summer.
Large autumn leaves
Don’t miss seeing this 170-year-old tree inside the park, which is one of its famous spots.
I recommend taking a picture with your family by the bridge.
This pond right in the middle of the garden is a special feature of Mifuneyama Garden. A quiet pond, it completely appears to be mirror-like.

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