Ebino Plateau, situated in the southwestern part of Miyazaki Prefecture, is a volcanic zone. It is located on the border between Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures, and belongs to Kirishima-kinkowan National Park, which was the first to be designated as a national park in Japan. In the northern area of the highlands, surrounded by mountains such as Mt. Karakunidake and Mt. Koshikidake at 1,200 meters above sea level, there are crater lakes such as Lake Byakushi and Lake Fudo. Clouds of steam rise everywhere, which is known as one of the best hot spring villages in the prefecture.

The entrance to Ebino plateau is the starting point for a tour of the lakes and to climb Mt. Karakunidake, and here, too, is the Ebino Eco-Museum Center, where various materials are displayed, such as information panels on the ecology and distribution of alpine animals and plants and a miniature display of the highlands. Mt. Karakunidake, 1,700 meters above sea level, is the highest of the Kirishima Mountains and has a large crater 900 meters in diameter and 300 meters in depth. It is believed that Karakunidake was so named because people might be able to view from there as far as Karakuni, or South Korea. Along the mountain trails, you can enjoy the sight of wild azaleas in early summer, pampas grass in fall, and snow-covered trees in winter, as well as other natural beauty for each season.

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1495-5 Suenaga, Ebino, Miyazaki Prefecture


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