City of Swimming Carp, Shimabara
  • City of Swimming Carp, Shimabara
  • City of Swimming Carp, Shimabara
  • Tourist Information Center「Seiryutei」
  • Tourist Information Center「Seiryutei」
  • Tourist Information Center「Seiryutei」
  • Shimeiso Spring Garden
  • Shimeiso Spring Garden
  • Shimabara Yusuikan
  • Shimabara Yusuikan
  • Shimabara Yusuikan


Shimabara has always been blessed with plentiful spring water. The “City of Swimming Carp” has been beautifully maintained by local people. The sight of the colorful nishikigoi carp swimming through the canals of the city is one of the most attractive features of Shimabara.


In the area, there are some leisuring places, as followings


・Shimeisou Spring Garden

Enjoy a cup of green tea with a beautiful view in the Shimeisho Spring Garden 四明荘. Guests can drink tea sitting in a house built over the large pond of rich local spring water, and watch the large, colourful carp swimming through the open sliding doors.

This is one of Shimabara’s most peaceful spots, and is a perfect place to take a rest before you continue sightseeing. There’s no charge, although donations are welcome.


・Shimabara Yusuikan

Kanzarashi, small dumplings made of rice flour served soaked in a light syrup with spring water, are a Shimabara specialty. You can eat them at many places in Shimabara, and you can also make them yourself at Shimabara Yuusuikan.

Once you have rolled the rice flour into dumplings and cooked them in spring water, you can eat them in a traditional Japanese tatami room overlooking a peaceful garden. Then, you’ll be invited to mark your hometown on a world map with a pin and presented with personalised certificate showing that you are a master of kanzarashi making!

・Tourist Information Center「Seiryutei」

At Tourist Information Center「Seiryutei」, they can give you advise and information about Shimabara.

Also, there are local souvenirs for sale.


Source Nagazaki Tabinet

Parking information (fee and availability): 

fee required

Means of transportation: 

10min walk from Shimabara Station

〒855-0803 長崎県島原市新町二丁目


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