Ainoshima is an island on Fukuoka Prefecture which is located only 17 minutes away by ferry from Shingu Port. The island contains a number of nationally-designated historical landmarks such as the Ainoshima Stone Tumuli (a group of rocks formed from the 5th Century), the rare form of the “Megane (eyeglasses) Rock”, as well as Shinto shrines. 


Following the road running along the circumference of the island will enable visitors to trek around the whole island for a total distance of 5.4 kilometers. This road also serves as a hiking course as well as a good spot for bird-watching, particularly during the season when birds migrate. 


There are also a lot of cats living in the island. As such Ainoshima has earned nicknames such as “Cat Island” and “Cat Paradise” in the recent years, gaining popularity among cat lovers from all over the world.





Ferry from Shingu Port to Ainoshima (and vice versa)
Adult (one-way): JPY 460
Child (one-way): JPY 230

Means of transportation: 

Access to Shingu Port
◆From Nishitetsu Shingu Station (Nishitetsu Kaizuka line) → ride the community bus “Ai-land” line (route #2) for about 20 minutes.
◆From JR Fukkodaimae Station (JR Kagoshima main line) → ride the community bus “Ai-land” line (route #1) for about 15 minutes.


Community bus fare: JPY 100

The ferry ride from Shingu Port is approximately 17 minutes. 5 to 6 ferry rides depart daily, however the frequency depends on the season and weather.

Ainoshima, Shingu, Kasuya District, Fukuoka Prefecture


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