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Discovery Japan is a website which features information about the hotels, food, handicrafts, local products, shopping, culture, and industry of each region of Japan for tourists who want to visit the country.

We also feature a collection of travel journals to different tourist spots in Japan written by foreigners who are currently living in Japan or have visited Japan before.

We will be greatly delighted if you will be able to discover something new about Japan, such as Japanese traditions, which will fascinate you by using this website.



-------- Terms of Use -------


This Terms of Use (which shall be referred to hereafter as “terms”) defines the terms and conditions of the services (which shall be referred to hereafter as “services”) provided in this website run by Media International (which shall be referred to hereafter as “the company”). The services should be used by our registered users (which shall be referred to hereafter as “users”) in accordance with this agreement.

This agreement is applicable between the users and the company and is related to any and all use of the services.

【About user registration】
Those who wish to register should apply using the method determined by the company. The user registration is complete when the company approves the application. However, the company may not approve applications due to the following situations stated below, and we reserve the right to not disclose the exact reason for rejecting the application.
(1)Declaring false information during user registration
(2)If the application is from a person who has previously violated the terms
(3)When the company has determined the application to be unsuitable for other undisclosed reasons

【About user ID and password management】
The user shall bear the responsibility of managing their own user ID and password. Under no circumstances should the user transfer nor loan the use of their own user ID and password to a third party. When the user ID and password matches with the registered information upon logging in, the company will assume that the account is being personally used by the user themselves and no one else.

The user must not do the following acts upon using the services:
(1)Acts which violate law and ordinances or public order and morals
(2)Acts related to criminal activities
(3)Acts which may disrupt or interfere with the function of the company’s server and network
(4)Acts which might interfere with the company’s server operation
(5)The act of collecting or accumulating personal information about the other users
(6)The act of impersonating other users

【Service Interruption】
The company may see it fit to interrupt service provision at any time without prior notice to the user due to the following reasons:
(1)When the service is undergoing system maintenance or system update
(2)When service provision becomes difficult or impossible due to power failure or unforeseen circumstances such as fires, earthquakes, thunderstorms, and other natural calamities
(3)When the computer or communication lines are halted by accident
(4)When the company determines that offering the service has become difficult for other reasons

The company does not assume any responsibility if the user or any third party sustains damages or losses during service interruption.

【Restrictions and cancellation of registration】
The company reserves the right to limit part of or the entire use of service of the user, or to cancel the user’s registration, due to the following reasons without prior notice. 
(1)When the user violates any provision of the terms
(2)When it has been proven that false information has been used during registration
(3)In addition, when the company determines that the use of services is not suitable

The company does not assume any responsibility if the user sustains damages or losses due to the actions the company has taken under this article.

The company tries to provide accurate information with regards to the contents of this website (text, drawings, photos, videos, computer programs, various data, etc.), but the company cannot guarantee the reliability and safety of these contents.  The company also does not assume any responsibility should any loss occur to the user when using this website or the information on this website. Furthermore, the company does not assume any responsibility for any transaction, communication and dispute regarding the services between users and third parties. 

【Service Content Revision】
The company reserves the right to revise the service contents or suspend service provision without prior notice to the user, and assumes no responsibility for any loss to the user due to revisions or service suspension. 
【Terms of Use Revision】
If deemed necessary, the company may revise the terms without prior notice to the user.

【Intellectual Property and Copyright】
The user bears the responsibility of personally obtaining the necessary copyright, intellectual property rights and consent for use of articles, images and videos in contents. The articles, images and videos used in the website are assumed to be contributions and may be edited. 
The user reserves all rights to their own contributed and edited images, videos and articles used in the website. Likewise, the rights of the contributed and edited images, videos and articles used in the website which do not belong to the user are reserved to their respective authors or owners. However, the company assumes that all contributed and edited images, videos and articles used in the website have their rights reserved by the users or obtained from the respective authors or owners.
The rights to all translations of contributed and edited images, videos and articles, and any image processing done to photos of the user or third party belong to the company.  
With the exception of the clause in the preceding paragraph, all copyright and intellectual property rights of the services and all information connected to the service belong to the company and the authors or owners who have given their consent to use their work. The user must not duplicate, transfer, loan, translate, change, reprint, publicly transmit, disseminate, distribute, or publish any of the services for business use and the like without permission.

【Website Links】
When setting up links in this website, hyperlinks from other websites which have adult content or content which go against public order and morals are strictly prohibited.

【Notice and Contact】
Any form of notification or communication between the user and the company shall be carried out in the method determined by the company.

【Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations】
The user cannot transfer rights or obligations of the terms based on this agreement nor offer security to any third party without prior written consent from the company.

【Governing Laws and Jurisdiction】
The interpretation of the terms is governed by Japanese law. Should any dispute related to the services arise, the law will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the court where the company’s head office is located.
Last modified November 30, 2014.