”Sasaguri-Kyudai Forest” is located on the western edge of the Kyushu University Fukuoka Research Forest ,which is maintained and managed by a cooperation between Kyushu University and Sasaguri-machi.
In the heart of the forest there is a pond called ’Kamata Pond’, and there is a about 2km mostly flat walking path all around the pond where you can casually enjoy a peaceful stroll through the woods. Around 90 types of plants grow here. Among them, the bald cypress trees which stand up straight while immersed by the waterside is the most fantastic view.

Time period: All year long



Sasaguri Station is a 20-minute train ride From Hakata Station of Sasaguri Line (Fukuhoku Yutaka Line). And a 35-minute walk or a 10-minute taxi ride from Sasaguri Station.


〒811-2414, 1009 Wada, Sasaguri, Kasuya District, Fukuoka Prefecture 811-2414


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